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Highly Realistic External CGI Renderings

At iCreate, our architectural renderings are highly realistic, fully detailed and totally convincing. Our clients find that 3d architectural rendering helps inspire confidence in a new development, and gives buyers the confidence they need to buy ‘off-plan’. We take your architects’ CAD plans as our starting point, and use these to construct accurate and detailed computer generated 3D models of the development.

Having constructed the 3D models, we apply realistic surface materials to the building to ensure that our 3D renderings are as lifelike as possible. The nature of 3D rendering means that it is easy to change the surface materials whenever required, so you can see what the development will look like using a range of different building materials, helping to inform the decision-making process.

We will also create 3D renderings of the whole site around a new building, including landscaping, parking areas and other structures, so that viewers can see your vision for the area, rather than just a muddy building site. To ensure the accuracy of our 3D CAD renderings we use topographical surveys and site plans to establish actual slab heights and roof lines, overcoming many common obstacles to securing planning permission.

Once the detailed 3D model is fully textured with the right materials, and positioned correctly within the site, we can create as many static renderings from as many different angles as you need, plus 3D animated rotations around the building, and fly-arounds of the site. This makes 3D architectural renderings cost effective when compared to 2D watercolour rendering services.

Another reason that 3D architectural renderings can be such a cost effective solution is that they are multi-purpose. The 3D renderings that we produce for submission in support of a planning application can also be used once permission has been secured, for the purposes of marketing and sales. For this, we will add a higher level of aesthetic detail to the architectural renderings, such as people on the balconies, cars in the driveways, attractive planting and landscaped gardens, all of which help to create powerful selling visuals that inspire confidence and desire in potential buyers.

And we recommend that our clients make optimum use of the architectural renderings that we deliver, using them for site signage, printed brochures, websites, apps – we don’t place any restriction on how often you use and reproduce our 3D renderings because our core objective is the same as yours: selling the property as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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